Global Roaming Services

Since 15 Years we provide roaming solutions for businesses & travellers around the World. The "Original" SIM Card connect Internationaly your cell, smartphone, tablet, modem, MiFi or mobile device to over 450 Mobile Carrier abroad and save up to 85% on your bills.

The International Global Roaming SIM Card offer "Free Roaming" on incoming calls abroad, International calls at almost local rates, text messages (SMS) and 3G mobile data across the World that you can use during your Worldwide trip.

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Free Roaming Countries!

No Roaming Charges for incoming calls abroad while travelling in more than 125 Countries. This offer a huge saving and allow you to answer your calls without worrying about the cost.. It's Free. International Calls and text messages at almost local rates and 450 Mobile data network as you go.

No line rental, no set up charges, no hidden costs, no commitment and no contract. All you pay is the calls, texts & data when you use it, no usage = no billing.

Unlike other SIM cards that expire in 30 or 90 days, with the Global Roaming SIM card will remain active for a full 365 days since the last recharge of your account.

450 Network at your service!


Premium Quality Call

We partner in 190 Countries with Tier 1 mobile carriers for crystal clear calls. Global Roaming SIM do not compromise on voice quality in order to offer you low rates with maximum coverage.

Internet Mobile Data

One single setting will provide you transparent access to all major carrier around the world at the best speed and reliability.

Multiple Mobile Carrier

We put at your services 550 Tier 1 mobile carriers at once, that allow you to choose at your glance the best network that suit your needs in terms of Quality, Speed, Coverage and Availability. This will ensure you the best connection everywhere, anytime.

Multiple SIM one Credit

Multiple SIM Card under the same account share the same account credit, you do not have to add credit on each SIM Card, this feature allow you the best optimisation of your credit and ensure that the SIM you are using is always with credit.

Recharge Anywhere

Easily manage your balance at anytime and anywhere in the world. You can recharge online, we accept major credit and debit card and Paypal. You will receive a daily status when usage occur.

Online Billing

Manage your account online from your Member Area. From here, you can easily manage your SIM Card, review your communication services, change your password, view your account balance, access your call records and contact our support team.


Full Compatibility

Compatible with any unlocked GSM Cell, Smartphone, Tablet, Modem, Router, MiFi, Mobile device... SIM Card are available in all size, Standard, Micro and Nano.

Multiple Numbers

The Global Roaming SIM Card include a UK (+44) mobile number, you can also order the SIM with an additional US (+1) mobile number.

Phone Alias Privacy

The "Option Alias" allow you to create alias for your SIM phone number. The called party will see your alias as a calling party, this allow you to make outgoing calls without giving out the number to a person you don’t know or reverse you can show your local, personal or business phone number, etc..

Free Call Redirection

Between trips, while you are back home, you can redirect incoming calls to your home or mobile phone number or any international number. There is no additional charge for redirection to numbers of over 125 countries. Redirection is free of charge. (does not apply to Premium or special rates numbers)

Conference Calling

Premium voice quality conference service gives you an opportunity to organize the conference call between unlimited number of participant directly from your handset.

Voicemail Services

Your account include voicemail services that handles incoming calls when you are unavailable or busy. Voicemail management and settings are directly available from your mobile phone keyboard.

What Do I Get ?

You get a Free Membership of Global Roaming and receive a preactivated International SIM Card.

We offer 3 main type of International SIM Cards. The "Free" 3 G Mobile Data and Text, the mobile data with one mobile phone number or the Dual with two mobile phone number.

The 365 days credit is selected by you as you need, for example with the starting credit the SIM Card provides free incoming roaming calls and additionally, you can freely combine up to 180 minutes of international calls, 400 text messages or up to 150 MB of internet mobile data.

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